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Help us keep our membership data up-to-date by informing us of local changes.

You can email changes to Priscilla Starr or Send notification by mail or fax by Completing and returning this form.



What changes should I notify the League about?

  • City/Town Name
  • Official (census) Population
  • Incorporation Date
  • Council Meeting Information
  • Congressional Districts
  • State Senate or House Districts
  • City/Town Hall Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Municipal Web Site
  • Municipal E-mail Address
  • Mayor
  • Councilmember
  • Municipal Clerk
  • Administrator/Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Police Chief
  • Fire Chief
  • Municipal Attorney
  • Municipal Judge
  • Municipal Prosecutor

The Information We Collect

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Non-personal information including usage and service operation may be collected and analyzed to evaluate how visitors use alalm.org. Non-personal data we collect may include pages visited on this website, Internet Protocol addresses, and browser type.

Communications with Us

This website may include from time to time features where visitors can submit information to us, such as feedback forms, registration information, and surveys. Where such submissions include requests for service, support or information, they may be forwarded to the appropriate department, as needed, to best respond to the specific request. In addition, we may retain e-mails and other information sent to us for our internal administrative purposes, and to help better serve our members.

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This website utilizes Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol for internet transaction security. This SSL protocol allows us to deliver server authentication, data encryption and message integrity. Every step of the process, from the initial submission of data to the final settlement through the use of credit cards, has been built with the most advanced yet user friendly security features available.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the Alabama League of Municipalities privacy policy you may contact us at 334.262.2566.


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Timely Topics

The Clerk's Manual has been updated. It has been posted on the Clerk's Page and HERE.

Important Changes to Municipal Police and Planning Jurisdictions

Police Jurisdiction Bulletin
from the League

Police Jurisdiction Notices - ADOR