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The Model Business License Ordinance made available on our webpage was prepared as a result of a collaborative effort involving municipal revenue officers and municipal attorneys who came together to prepare an ordinance that met the requirements of the Uniform Business License Act passed in 2006. This ordinance is modeled after the business license ordinance of a large municipality who, prior to the passage of the act, was utilizing the NAICS system to assess and collect
its business licenses.

Municipalities should be aware that the rates suggested in the model ordinance are not mandatory. Municipalities are free to set their own rates and may utilize flat rates if they choose.

The Alabama League of Municipalities has made changes to the ordinance on several occasions as problems have been brought to our attention and may make changes in the future as needed.

DISCLAIMER: As with all sample ordinances made available to users by the Alabama League of Municipalities, this ordinance is intended solely as an example and not as a substitute for obtaining individualized legal advice. Users are advised that this ordinance must be updated and adapted to local needs and circumstances. Use of this sample is at the sole risk of the user. The Alabama League of Municipalities and its staff disclaim any responsibility or liability which may arise or result from the use or implementation of these materials or any portion thereof.

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The Clerk's Manual has been updated. It has been posted on the Clerk's Page and HERE.

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