Training and Resources



But We Didn't Do Anything Wrong!

"But we didn't do anything wrong" is a phrase heard often by Loss Control Representatives. Do you have written policies and procedures in place?  Learn how to help prevent liability and lawsuits and safety and workers compensation claims against your municipality.  Attendee Comments:  "Being given prime examples of liabilities that have actually occurred in other cities helped me to relate and evaluate my own city's liabilities" and "I learned what to do and what not to do when lawsuits are received, about the different insurance coverage that is available to  municipalities and what is not covered by the city's insurance."

When a Disaster Strikes: Preparing Your Information Systems Infrastructure

A discussion on how to ensure your Information Systems infrastructure is ready. This presentation outlines creating a Disaster Recovery Plan, how to work with IT staff in determining priority systems, and incorporating the IT Disaster Recovery Plan into your disaster plans for your municipality. Also included are discussions on backing up data on a regular basis and using the "Cloud" to backup data and as a resource to be included in disaster planning. Attendee Comment: "Hot to back up and save my files". "The operating system with the IT concerns was extremely informative. These sessions always raise awareness and increase my level of knowledge/expertise on various subject matters."

The Kirkwood, Missouri Experience

The Kirkwood, Missouri Experience DVD is designed to help you plan for and hopefully prevent tragic events like this one from happening in your municipality. You will hear a first-hand account of the events that led up to the horrific events in Kirkwood, Missouri, from the city attorney who fought with the shooter and  is credited with saving numerous lives that night.  Attendee Comments: "This presentation should be seen and heard by all municipalities in the state.  It was so moving to see and hear. Everyone should be required to see this presentation. The Kirkwood DVD was a very powerful message to public officials. We can take these thoughts back to our own cities and council meetings and make our meeting safe  for everyone." 

2016 Orientation Conference for Elected Municipal Officials and Municipal Personnel

This program introduces elected officials to the problems of municipal government, identifies persons who may help in solving day-to-day problems and identifies other sources of information. We encourage newly-elected officials to take advantage of this information. Topics include: The League and Your Municipality, Working with the State Legislature, Finance and Budgeting, Your Duties and Authority, Conducting Effective Council Meetings, and The Municipal Year Ahead. Review of this training does not satisfy core curriculum credit hours in the CMO Program. No CMO Credit or CMO test is available for this DVD set.